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From The Beginning


Our retail presence is set in a garden nursery open to the public on weekends from spring to autumn. 

The background

Birch Grove Gardens is the culmination of a life long passion for both Mark and Gwen. Gwen always wanting a beautiful garden she can call her own and Mark looking for the perfect plot to create his garden and so the two have created Birch Grove Gardens.

Having purchased the property in July 2013 where there was a stand of birch trees on the western boundary, hence the name ‘Birch Grove Gardens’. There were conifers and shrubs, which set the backbone of the gardens. Otherwise largely a well maintained vacant block with the young hedge ready to shield the property from the road.




This year we can say we have had a true autumn in the gardens. With trees and shrubs maturing and the addition of a few new specimens to the garden the autumn display has been long and colourful. The strong winds of early May had little impact on the colourful leaf display but we know within the next couple of weeks the gardens will be naked and devoid of the beautiful autumn tones until next year.


SUMMER 2017-2018



The application of mulches in late winter together with dense plantings carried the gardens through the long and very hot summer here in Tasmania. The intensity of the colours during the summer was a highlight particularly on those long hot days and visitors to the garden were treated to a kaleidoscope of colour especially early morning or late afternoon. The sun gardens and the hydrangea gardens performed well all summer long and are still putting on a colourful display late into autumn.




There is the old saying about perennials. The first year they sleep, second year they creep and the third year they leap. This was evident in the gardens this spring with an explosion of growth and colour. We are really looking forwards to years four and onward to watch the plantings mature.




It is now autumn and the annual cut back and mulching begins as the gardens take a well earned rest from their magnificent display and prepare themselves for next season (spring 2017).



Autumn 2015

Our driveway was completed for Christmas 2014 and by January 2015 Gwen decided she would like more and bought Mark a new shovel and so began another round of digging for Mark. Autumn of 2015 saw the planting of more roses, perennials and trees.


July 2014

In July 2014 our dry creek bed rapidly expanded overnight and cut the property in two.


January 2014

In January 2014 we moved into our new home and began work on the gardens in ernest. Mark digging all the gardens beds by hand and Gwen topping them with manures and mulches. The first plantings of trees, roses and perennials were introduced in June 2014.